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Be a Champion

Below you will find simple tips on how to be a champion

Think Like a Champion

Champions choose right from wrong selflessly.

Train Like a Champion

Champions prepare and persist to their goal and beyond.

Eat Like a Champion

Champions choose the best fuels for their body.

Live Like a Champion

Champions are warriors who look to develop and help others do the same.

About Us

Champion Taekwondo Center (CTC) has been training members ages 3 and up in Boston, MA for over 19 years. We pride ourselves in the art of Taekwondo; instilling the importance of courtesy, self-control, perseverance, integrity and an indomitable spirit in all our members. Our mission is to strengthen our community by helping our members become the best person they can be.

CTC Services

We create our family setting by connecting with our members and teaching the art of Taekwondo; We instruct self-discipline, self-defense, traditional forms, olympic-style sparring, weapons, yoga, acrobatic and fitness training.



Olympic-Style Sparring

Fitness & Fun


Why Join Our Mission

We all can use or give a hand to help strengthen our community

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